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Project-Based Summer Internship & Training Programs 2024 in Jaipur

Welcome to our Project-Based Summer Internship and Training Program , 
Embark on the transformative journey this summer with our project based internship in Data Science, Full Stack Web Development, DevOps and Cloud Computing, and embedded systems.

Experience the best internship by gaining hands-on learning, Real-time projects, develop your tech skill, problem solving abilities, networking opportunities, Enhace your resume , Get placement assistance ,personalized mentorship, Grow professionally and get immersion in cutting – edge technologies.

Overall , our Project Based Summer Internship & Training program offers you a dynamic and rewarding experience that equips you with skills , knowledge and confidence to succeed in your future endevours

Skill Development Programs

Upflairs Advanced Skill Development Program, offering the Best in segment curriculum to help you in becoming a Pro with Live Project Exposure.

Machine Learning &
Data Science

What will you become
Data Scientist, ML Engineer, Data Analyst

What will you learn
The core of Data Science viz. EDA, Data Analysis, Tools, Machine Learning, Tableau, Web Scrapping, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision alongwith ML Ops, Data Engineering and Deployment including UI

Cloud Engineering &

What will you become
DevOps Engineer, Cloud Solution Architect, Site Reliability Engineer

What will you learn
The core computing with Linux & cloud platforms including AWS and Azure with their various Storage & DB like EBS, S3, AzDisk, AzBlob, RDS, Cosmos and monitoring tools, Containerization with Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift and Ansible & Terraform

Full Stack Web Dev
Python - Django

What will you become
Full Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Python Developer

What will you learn
Starting from the fundamentals of Web Development using front-end techs like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and ReactJS to Backend stack of Postgres, Mongo DB, Redis, Python Django, Rest API Development and Deployment over Servers

You learn with our Flair Recipe

Industry Relevant well structured course curriculum and project based learning which is flexible according to your existing level. The assessment and projects are the pieces to complete this frame fully

Get corporate veterans as your mentor in a live and 1:1 career guide to help you with Interviews, Resumes and most importantly choosing the correct project right during the training time.

Once you join us, you become part of a journey where the challenges and solutions awaits for you in terms of our large alumni community

Flair Stories

I really enjoyed this workshop. On the very first day of the workshop I had no idea this session was going to be mind blowing. I have learnt so many new things and in this workshop I built my very first robot. I have a lot to say, but I have to condense it here. THIS WAS THE BEST WORKSHOP I'VE EVER BEEN TO.

Vrinda Saraswat Banasthali Vidyapith

A perfect training session in which we get a hands- on experience. The more interesting part was that we have applied our basic theoretical knowledge in real life problems. Overall a wonderful session.

Abhinav kumar Jha Delhi Technological University

Overall it was a great experience, as having knowledge on recent technologies used in industry will make us industry ready for the future. I am very grateful to Upflairs for guiding me so well with technologies. Thank you.

Lalit Agarwal Poornima college of Engineering

The training was outstanding beyond remarks. We never expected to learn this much in just within 3 days. It was really an amazing session. Much motivated now to move on our python journey. Thank You Upflairs for developing within us the enthusiasm to learn more and more.

Damini Srivastava Banasthali Vidyapith

This training proved to be quite useful for me as I gained some practical knowledge about Mechatronics and through this training came to know that many great things can be made by combining Mechanical, Electronics and software components.

Bhavya Joshi Delhi Technological University

It was such a great session. The way of presenting every thought and views of the teacher was great. Thanks for such an amazing session.

Satyam Raj NIT Mizoram

We were in a spy Botix workshop and that was very good. That was my first workshop in this field and was outstanding. We enjoyed it a lot. All the staff was very cooperative and we learned many new things from that. Hope to see you again with such amazing workshops. Thanks a lot Upflairs. 😊

Anjali Banasthali Vidyapith

It was really great . This workshop made me believe that I can do anything , basically it made me aware of my capabilities. Thank you so much Upflairs.

Mansi Sharma Banasthali Vidyapith

We attended the workshop on embedded systems, which was super knowledgeable and also exciting. We got to know about sensors and microcontrollers and their practical applications along with their working. This workshop was specifically very beneficial for my third year final btech project.

Poulomi Parua Banasthali Vidyapith

Well for the session I attended, it was just amazing. I learned a lot and I'm hopefully expecting more to explore in the same domain. I would like to thank the entire team of Upflairs for being just simply outstanding and supportive. Looking forward to more opportunities. A big THANK YOU to all. It was really one of the finest workshops I ever attended.

Vaani Gupta Banasthali Vidyapith

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